Mexican who was Charmed by Korean Dishes, Maria Monserrat Rangel Jaquez

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From few years, video clips that show foreigners eating Korean hot spicy chicken fried noodles have been often posted in the world biggest video site YOUTUBE. Videos of this product receiving an attention for its strong hot taste have been posted after taking them for the challenging purpose. Besides such hot chicken fried noodle considered as the representative of Korean Ramen, there are diverse dishes and food ingredients that have hot flavor. Among those, Kimchi, Bibimbap, Kimchi stew and stir-fried rice cake are good examples. They are dishes made with the basic food ingredients that flavor hot taste such as Korean hot pepper and hot bean paste.

Maria Monserrat Rangel Jaquez from Mexico who came to Korea in marriage about 2 years ago also has been fascinated with Korean foods. <Korea Agrafood met Maria Monserat Rangel Jaquez and listened to her story about Korean food and her determination about supporters' activities.


Q. What made you like Korean food and when did you come to Korea?
Mexicans love hot foods. I came to know Korean friends in the language school in Mexico and to experience Korean foods, and became to love Korean foods.
I met and got married with Korean man in the language school in Mexico and came to Korea with her parents on December 2016. In Korea, she has been learning diverse Korean foods through her mother-in- law.

Q. Tell me your favorite Korean food.
My most favorite Korean foods are Rabokki and port feet. Carnitas is the fried meat inside taco which taste is similar to Korean pork feet. I love Rabokki so much for its hot taste. I also enjoys Sundae (Korean sausage) because it is similar to the cooking process and taste of moronga in Mexico.

There is no Korean foods I don't like. I have learned from mother-in-law how to make side dishes such as napa Kimchi, Kkakduki, and duck Kimchi, Japchae, and seasoned bean sprout. I am also making baby food directly for my 12 months baby after I started making diverse Korean foods. My baby likes not only laver but also less hot Kimchi. My baby eats so well when I mix Korean foods with Mexican foods.

Q. You have become a member of the Taste-K unit. Tell me your resolution.
My parents also love Korean dishes and have a great interest in Korean agricultural foods. I happened to know Taste-K through the event posted on SNS and applied for the event because I loved Korean foods. I think there is an ample possibility of exportation of Korean rabokki and pork feet which are similar to Mexican foods. I will engage diligently in the promotion of Korean foods and the opinion presentation for the products of export companies.

※What is the World Supporters, Taste-K?
The Taste-K launched last year is the world supporters, which consists of foreigners in Korea to support diverse changes in export market of agricultural foods. This year, it has held the first opening ceremony on the 13th day of the previous month after selecting 200 foreigners in Korea such as international students and foreign correspondents from 20 target countries of diverse market change: Brazil, Kazakhstan, and Poland, etc.

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