Chicken as the Koreans’ Favorite Food

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Chicken is one of the Koreans’ favorite dishes. And it comes in a variety such as fried chicken that boasts excellent crispiness, seasoned chicken that presents the flavor of a sweet sauce, and soy sauce chicken that delivers the salty taste, among others. Banz, a famous YouTube creator from South Korea, presented a chicken mukbang (social eating show) on LAN Cable Life on JTBC, aired on September 28. Trying the representative chicken dishes from top eight chicken brands of South Korea, he held a Chicken World Cup where he selected the best. After sampling the eight chicken dishes, Banz tapped Kyochon Chicken as the final winner.

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Info (1) / Do you know chimaek?
Combining chicken and maekju (Korean for beer), chimaek is the type of eating that Koreans enjoy together. As the country formed the public practice in enjoying chicken and beer together for international sports matches such as World Cup, chicken and beer are now inseparable. Daegu, the city in Gyeongsang North Province, has held Chimaek Festival around July, starting in 2013. Suwon City plans Peace Chimaek Festival that combines the city’s whole roast chicken street and Daedonggang beer of North Korea. Thus, chimaek is now a major culinary recipe for South Koreans.

※Additional Info (2) / Various Chicken Dishes

Samgyetang : A major tonic food for Koreans, samgyetang is a whole chicken boiled together with ginseng, jujube, ginger, nd garlic. Zhang Yimou, the renowned Chinese film director, reportedly easts the dish each time he visits Korea, calling it ‘the ginseng chicken soup’. And the executives and employees of Jummai Group in China held a samgyetang party in South Korea in May 2015.

Jjimdak : A dish popular form the market alley in Andong, Gyeongsang North Province, it is more famous as Andong Jjimdak. As one whole chicken, various vegetables such as potato, onion, carrot, and scallion, and cellophane noodles go into it, it is a solid meal for anyone. Registering a dark brown color and delivering sweeter or spicier flavor depending on the sauce you choose, it is an attractive dish.

Dakgalbi : Originating from Chucheon, dakgalbi was like a side dish for drinkers at local pubs, which involved chicken grilled on charcoal fire. After it was enjoyed by soldiers and college students as a cheap and bountiful dish, a lot more people came to enjoy it. Chucks of chicken meat and bones cut together are marinated in red pepper seasonings and the stir-fried together with a mix of vegetables and rice cake.

#Chicken Exporters and Products Exported
①Harim with samgyetang and processed chicken products

To keep the slaughtered chicken fresh, Harim sticks to the principle of “same-day slaughtering and commoditization” at its HACCP-certified factory. The export product thus manufactured is Harim Ginseng Chicken Stew. The product includes only Korean ginseng, Korean sticky rice, and jujube and no artificial additives. And the gravy, which is made with the time-honored manufacturing technology of Harim, includes much gelatine and an aromatic flavor.
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from Gyodong Food

The company boasts a system that can ensure stable quality control, from its 20 years’ experience in manufacturing. Comfortably familiar with what the customers want through its export for many years, the company can make the products wanted by Chinese consumers. With the latest equipment suited for the production of samgyetang, the company has automated its process suitable for quality control. The product presented to the Chinese market is Gyodong Samgyetang, designed to feature the affluence and cultural heritage that the old aristocracy of Korea used to enjoy.
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from Maniker

Carrying the nutritional virtue that is similar to samgyetang, samgyejuk (‘ginseng chicken porridge’) can be enjoyed comfortably. Maniker’s Samgyejuk is available in a pouch, which can last for up to 14 months at room temperature, and is convenient to carry and store. Notably, the soft chicken breast is torn in pieces to help diners enjoy it comfortably. With sticky rice, ginseng, and jujube included as well, it is a healthy dish, too. Its preparation is simple: 4-minute heating in microwave.
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