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Gimbap, made by rolling vegetables and meat in laver and rice, is one of the fast and filling foods on picnic, traveling or on the run. This is why there are so many Gimbap shops in every corner of Korea. Also, it is the most popular convenience foods of Koreans ranked 4th in the 2018 fresh food sales statistics of GS25, one of the major convenience store brands in Korea. It can be also fixed in no time at homes. Dear readers, shall we try making Gimbap?

Fun Stories about Gimbap
▷ History of Gimbap: In the Joseon literature, laver first appears as a local specialty product of Taeindo Isalnd in Gwangyang-gun, Jeollanam-do. From this, we can see that the culture of wrapping rice and side dish in laver began in the Joseon Dynasty. It is estimated that there have been many cuisines using laver in the Joseon Dynasty, and following the development of laver related food culture, Gimbap was born in the modern times.

▷ Types of Gimbap: Basically, Gimbap is made by rolling carrots, cucumber, eggs and spinaches into laver and rice. But its biggest advantage is that Gimbap can be made by personal preference. Pork belly Gimbap, grilled saury Gimbap, rolled omelet Gimbap, anchovy Gimbap and cheese Gimbap are some of the many. Depending on the appearance, Gimbap can be classified into ordinary Gimbap, mini Gimbap and triangular Gimbap.

▷ Unique Gimbap: Chungmu-style Gimbap is a representative local food of Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, where rice and side dish are separately served. White rice is rolled into laver and served alongside seasoned squid and radish kimchi. In Tongyeong is a Chungmu-style Gimbap street where they specialize in Chungmu-stype Gimbap.

Ingredients and Amount of Gimbap (Serves 4)
4 bowls of white rice (920g), 1 tsp. salt, 2 tbs. sesame oil, 4 sheets of roasted laver, 200g minced beef, 4 strips of pickled radish (90g), 2/3 cucumber (100g), 1/2 carrot (100g), 3 eggs, vegetable oil, salt and sesame oil

Meat Marinating Seasoning
2 tbs. soy sauce, 1/2 tbs. sugar, 1 tbs. chopped green onions, 1 tsp. ground garlic, black pepper, 2/3 tbs. vinegar-sugar-salt water, 2/3 tbs. sugar, 2/3 tbs. water, salt


1) In rice cooked over small amount of water, add salt and sesame oil. Mix well and let it cool down for a while.


2) Marinate minced beef in meat seasoning for 20 minutes. Then, stir-fry on a hot pan until meat is cooked.


3) Cut pickled radish in thickness of a pencil in the length of laver. Cut cucumber in the same length and thickness as pickled radish. Soak cucumber in vinegar-sugar-salt water for 30 minutes, then remove moisture.


4) Salt finely julienned carrot, stir-fry and allow it to cool. Beat salt into eggs and make a thick omelet. Like other ingredients, cut into a pencil-sized width.


5) Place laver with smooth side on top onto a bamboo mat. Place 1 cup of seasoned rice at the center of laver and spread onto laver except top 1/4 part of laver.


6) Place beef, pickled radish, cucumber, carrot and egg side by side on rice.


7) Roll the bamboo mat from inside by applying pressure.


8) Apply sesame oil onto knife and cut Gimbap round in 1cm thickness.

Tips. Properly cooking rice is especially important in making Gimbap. The rice in Gimbap should be cooked over small amount of water. Sometimes rice is seasoned only with salt or sometimes with vinegar, sugar and salt. When performing step 7 above, be careful not to place too much rice. According to taste, add kimchi, cheese or salad to make a special Gimbap.

Exporting Food Ingredients

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