Various Scenes Seen on the Korean Seol

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In Korea, Seol is the greatest national holiday, when all in the family get together to make food together and exchange gifts. And farm food makers prepare diverse-ranging farm food gift sets for the Korean lunar New Year’s Day, when they get their largest sales of the year. Korea Agrafood sketches various Seol scenes including the rural communities as suppliers of farm foods, the distributors, and Garak Agricultural Wholesale Market, which are pretty busy bracing for the holidays.

1)An employee of a distributor that has a variety of farm food gift sets ready for Seol pitches its products to consumers visiting its store.

2)Agricultural Products Processing Center (APC) of Daegu Apple Agricultural Coop Union engaged in putting apples in smaller packages.

3)The Korean persimmon is recognized by international consumers for its high sugar content, crisp mouthfeel, and thoroughgoing quality control.

4)For the Korean-grown strawberry, which also serves as a gift for Valentine Day lovers, its sweet and sour flavor cuts a figure.

5)South Korean children bow before the altar for ancestral service set up on Seol.

6)People of Nonghyup Hanaro Mart present their fruit gift sets prepared as Seol gifts.

7)Looking forward to Seol, Garak Agricultural Wholesale Market is pretty busy. The brokers of the market bid for pears.

8)Housewives who visit the mart for Seol check food materials.

9)Lee Gae-ho, Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs and other government officials visit Nonghyup Hanaro Mart and check fruit gift sets as Seol is just around the corner.

Lee Hyun Woo

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