Shinsagang gains momentum for the exportation with the support from aT

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The representative Korean cuisine beloved by Koreans, Shinsagang in sales of Kimchi stew is a famous gourmet restaurant in Suwon. It is a popular restaurant through 3 generations which has proceeded with the exportation for the purpose of telling overseas consumers about Korean Kimchi stew. We have succeeded in the overseas exportation to U.S, Australia, Malaysia, etc.

However, it was difficult for domestic export companies to lead themselves to the exportation to the most attractive Chinese market because of their complicated inspection procedure. The C.E.O of Shinsagang, Hong Sarang said, “China is an attractive market where 1.4 billion people are living. But it is not an easy market in the position of export companies as their inspection is highly difficult."

In such a rough situation in the advancement to Chinese market, the One-Stop test export support project of aT attracted the eyes of C.E.O Hong Sarang. The C.E.O Hong Sarang explained, "I applied to this project after I had heard of a news that the reliable public enterprise aT was supporting the exportation to China."

Shinsagang, Selected for The China One-Stop Test Export Support Project
The '2018 China One-Stop Test Export Support Project' was presented by aT as a localizing business for the first time this year. It is the project to support the relief of non-tariff barrier and the petition for labeling and trademark through 21 export countries and 97 local consultation agencies. The greatest feature is to support the export companies who hope to advance to the Chinese markets from the preliminary preparation to the arbitration of customs clearance, distribution and buyers. Except the portion the export companies must prepare by themselves, it is the support for every field. aT recruited target companies in January this year and selected final 18 companies to initiate the support for the test export to China and the pioneering of buyers. Target companies will receive the support of 10 million worth budget (own expense 1.1 million), preliminary export preparation, local customs clearance, food inspection, logistics support, buyer arbitration, and market test.

At first, the company will take the first stage of export preparation process. The first stage proceeds with the confirmation of Chinese Guojia Biaozhun(GB), the review of component contents ratio, and the confirmation of sanitary inspection standard and with the procedures of CIQ registration, Chinese label production, and label registration for the customs and immigration control & inspection. Later, in the second stage, the company will finish the document preparation such as the B/L (Bill of Landing), the certificate of completion of report, the certificate of label registration, and the certificate of sanitary license; the maritime customs clearance procedure such as the submission of the certificate of place of origin and the issuance of the certificate of customs clearance; the customs clearance and inspection procedure such as the transportation to CIQ designated storage, the label inspection, the sample collection, and the issuance of sanitary license. Final stage will be the advancement to Chinese markets.

The companies will not only start the registration and consumer test of the export goods in the open market TaoBao which is operated by ALIBABA in China but also participate in K-Food Fair held in Bejing China in September, and in the consultation with prospective buyers in connection with aT regional office in China, and in the market test in connection with aT's promotional exhibition.

Regarding this, the C.E.O Hong Sarang expected, “The China One-Stop Test Export Support Project helps to discover local buyers for those export companies who complain about the difficulty of the advancement to China, and we will be successful in the exportation to China through the participation in this project."

Spread Korea's Taste Through Kimchi Stew

With the basic strategy of excellent taste and high quality, Shinsagang that has participated in the export support project of aT proceeds with the development of fusion foods grafted with the sauce which will fit to the appetite of local residents. The C.E.O Hong Sarang introduced the exporting goods, saying “Kimchi Stew and Steamed Kimchi are the international foods made of Kimchi included in the world five health foods. They have attracted the attention of people in the world, which are being made with 100% Korean ingredients with the proud of its world level safety and sanitation." She also said, “We are proceeding with the market variation of U.S and Australia in earlier successful advancement, China in prospective expanded exportation, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand, etc in preparation of new advancement." She emphasized, “We will put an effort to export Kimchi Stew to various countries through the export support project of aT."

Meanwhile, you may check the information regarding the aT's localization support project through aT homepage ( or aT Export Company Support System (

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