February with Graduation Signaling a New Start

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In South Korea, February is the time period that holds graduation ceremonies for elementary, middle, and high schools as well as colleges. People present beautiful flowers to students on their graduation. So, we introduce to you flowers perfect for congratulating people on their graduation from school programs.

As one of typical spring flowers just like forsythia, freesia is loved for its sweet scent which tickles your nose. Meant to show how its giver supports your start, freesia is frequently seen at graduation and matriculation ceremonies. The flower symbolizes the support for those who announces a new start with their graduation and matriculation. In Japan, freesia bouquets are more often than not witnessed in March, which falls on the graduation season. The freesia cultivars exported are Gold Rich and Shiny Gold, the exclusive varieties developed in South Korea. Shiny Gold boasts excellent erectness and strong scent. Gold Rich, which registers excellent erectness, boasts a large volume of cut flowers. Flaunting such rich scent and ample volume of cut flowers, the South Korea-grown freesia is perfect for congratulating folks on their graduation and matriculation.

#Succulent Plants
Succulent plants store large quantities of water in their stems or leaves in order to survive in regions with less water and arid weather. As one has only to water them just once every ten days, even novices can raise them with ease. They not only serve natural air purifiers, but are also perfect as gifts for students as they are good as interior decorations. As succulents for exports developed by Gyeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services / Cactus & Succulent Research Institute, Red One and Pink Star are drawing attention for their excellent merchandisability. Red One boasts a clear flower color and a large number of flower buds, and Pink Star flaunts excellent merchandisability as pink compound flowers. Boasting various colors and shapes, it stays in bloom for an extended period. We strongly recommend you to give as congratulations gifts to students the South Korea-grown succulents, which register solid colors and are excellent ornamental flowers that are also easy to raise.

Lee Hyun Woo

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