For Chinese Spring Festival, give your loving family the Korean farm foods which boast healthiness and excellent taste

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Spring Festival is one of the three biggest holidays in China. In 2019, the Spring Festival holidays last for seven days from Feb. 4 through Feb. 10. Spring Festival brings with it a great deal of consumption, as it gathers a number of family members in one place. And they exchange gifts. Thus, the Korean farm foods, locally viewed as premium health foods, can meet positive reaction if used as Spring Festival gifts. So, we introduce to you perfect South Korean-made Spring Festival gifts.

#Hangwa for Both Taste and Nutrition

Hangwa refers to the Korean traditional confectionery which went all the way up on the dining table for the kings of the Joseon dynasty. Made with cereals, honey, pine seed, sesame, walnut, chestnut, and jujube, it boasts rich nutrition, too. It flaunts as its extra strengths a soft mouthfeel and a size that can be eaten wholly. As it focuses on rich nutrition, it would make a perfect Spring Festival gift with luxurious packaging.

#The Red Ginseng Gift Set Now Towering as Health Food

The Korean-made red ginseng is well-known and popular as a health food among the Chinese consumers, who are greatly interested in their health. So, local consumers tend to buy the set as a gift for the Chinese Parents’ Day or as a year-end gift. So, we recommend for your gift for your parents the variety of processed red ginseng products including concentrated red ginseng liquid extract, red ginseng drinks, and red ginseng pills.

#Korean Fruits Boasting Excellent Mouthfeel and Freshness

The fresh fruits from South Korea are held in high regard for their excellent quality and safety. Of them, pear, which delivers cool juice, crisp mouthfeel, and rich sweet flavor, is a fruit greatly favored by overseas consumers. Apple in turn enjoys positive reviews for its characteristic sweet and sour flavor, sugar content, and color, while persimmon, which registers high sugar content and crisp mouthfeel, is exported mainly to Southeast Asia and North America.

#Citron Tea, a Healthy Tea in Beautiful Yellow

Citron tea, which includes three times as much vitamin C as lemon, is effective in preventing cold and for skin beauty. It reportedly contains a great deal of organic acids that are effective against aging and fatigue. As the South Korea-grown citron is less bitter and excellently fragrant, the Korean citron tea is highly preferred by Chinese consumers.

#A Sip of Traditional Wine Shared with Family

Liquors are required during the Spring Festival when family and acquaintances get together. So the local consumers focus on the South Korea-made traditional wine which boasts luxurious packaging and appearance. The Korean traditional wine has been favorably reviewed by Chinese buyers and distributors for its good quality and posh image. We recommend it as a gift for parents, relatives etc.

Lee Hyun Woo

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