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- For Valentine’s Day, give your lovers the sweetness carried in K-Food

February with Valentine’s Day is the month of love in which a lot of people around the world extend their love and gratitude to their lover, family, and friends. Westerners usually give chocolate and candies together with cards conveying their love. In East Asia where the lunar calendar is often consulted, February more often than not includes the lunar New Year’s Day. It is called Seol in Korea and Chunjie (Spring Festival) in China. On the holiday that gathers family members scattered across the country, people prepare gifts for their family. For February which includes Valentine’s Day and Spring Festival, the biggest Chinese holiday, Korea Agrafood recommends a variety of Korean farm foods which are perfect as gifts.

#Sweet and sour strawberry

In Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand, Korean fruits have met such a positive reaction from local consumers that they have established themselves as popular gifts. Particularly, the South Korean strawberry is spotlighted among youths as a gift for their lovers for Valentine’s Day. It it because the South Korean strawberry boasts as its strengths high sugar content, sweet flavor, and pretty shape. Last year, the South Korean exporters and the local distributors offered prettily packaged strawberries for Valentine’s Day, thus drawing positive reaction from the local consumers.

#Beautiful-Colored Spray Roses

The South Korean spray roses, which come in various colors, boast excellent freshness. So, they have long been favored by international consumers. They prefer pink, red, yellow, and white from among the diverse-ranging spray roses. The producers continue to develop new varieties meeting the preferences of international consumers, which are exported to Japan and China among others. In China, where the South Korean spray roses are sold from the local upscale flower shops, they are highlighted as premium fresh cut flowers.

#Processed Red Ginseng Products That Take Care of Your Lover’s Health

The processed red ginseng products are meeting sharply increased attention from international consumers. It is because the South Korean dramas and entertainment shows frequently provide exposure to the concentrated red ginseng liquid extract, which is convenient to carry around and easy to have. Therefore, one can often find foreigners visiting South Korea buy the portable concentrated red ginseng liquid extract sticks. Spotlighted for red ginseng tea, red ginseng candy, and energy drinks that let consumers verify the virtue of red ginseng at reasonable prices, the red ginseng drinks enjoy continued patronage from overseas markets.

#Sweet and Soft Wine

A variety of wines made in South Korea from grape, apple, five-flavor berry, honey etc. attract attention as well-being liquors at home and abroad. Apple wine has a sweet and fresh flavor. Five-flavor wine made from five-flavor berry, a sweet red fruit, characteristically registers an excellent harmony between the sweet fruit scent and the distinctively bitter taste. Honey wine, of which honey is the main ingredient, boasts as its strengths its being soft on throat and the distinctive sweetness of honey, since it goes through about ten days’ fermentation and a half-year’s ripening.

#Good-to-Know How to Use the Korean Farm Foods as Gifts
The varicolored spray roses offer different uses depending on their color. First of all, the pink spray roses better be used when one confesses one’s love to someone. The yellow spray roses are recommended for those who want to convey apologies.

The processed red ginseng products better be varied with age groups. Appropriate choices for elderly parents should be the easy-to-eat red ginseng slices and the concentrated red ginseng liquid extract served in pouches. The processed red ginseng product perfect for married couples is the red ginseng capsule, and for children, we recommend the concentrated red ginseng liquid extract to which sweetness is added from fruits.

As far as wine goes, apple wine is recommended to parents who meet a lot of people. It is because apple includes polyphenols, which are effective in removing bad breath. The posh five-flavor wine and the honey wine full of sweetness are perfect as gifts for lovers.

Lee Hyun Woo

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