Jjajang Ramyeon, Addictive Black Noodles

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Garnering Attention Overseas as a Unique Noodle Dish
Korean ramyeon (instant noodles) is highly popular around the world. According to MAFRA (the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs), exports of Korean ramyeon achieved a record-high of more than US$ 300 million last December. Such an impressive result is attributed to tons of favorable reviews of ramyeon, shared through social media such as Instagram and Youtube, which are a major platform for the spread of Hallyu (the Korean wave). These days, unusual types of Korean ramyeon are all the rage. Among them is jjajang ramyeon, sweet and salty noodles in black bean sauce. Let us introduce you to jjajang ramyeon products that top popularity charts in the domestic market.

Jjapaghetti and Jjawang of Nongshim, Unrivaled Leaders

Jjapaghettiis the first product that commercialized jjajang-myeon, a noodle dish made with black bean sauce and served in Chinese restaurants in Korea. The product was developed based on the recipe of a chef in a famous Chinese restaurant and has been leading the Korean jjajang ramyeon market since its launch in 1970.

Jjawang has earned the hearts of many consumers with its thick and chewy-soft noodles, while its spicy version is receiving favorable reviews from consumers in the US and other foreign markets. To stimulate the palate of foreign consumers, Nongshim uses jalapeno peppers (4.5g per package) for its jjajang ramyeon products made for export.

*Inquiries: Nongshim
Tel: +82-2-820-7114 (US branch, 1-909-484-1888)

Pororo Jjajang Ramyeon for Children

Pororo Jjajang Ramyeon is a cup product featuring the animation character Pororo which is very popular among toddlers and children in Korea and abroad. In addition to the design, Paldo gives particular attention to the safety of its products targeting children. The sodium content is reduced and the product is fortified with calcium. As a result, the product is loved by both children and their mothers.

*Inquiries: Paldo
Tel: +82-1577-8593 (Export department +82-2-2644-8672)

Jin Jjajang Ramyeon, Just Off the Grill Flavor

Jin Jjajang Ramyeon brings forth the flavor of chopped pork, ginger, and other ingredients stir-fried with onion and jjajang sauce over high heat. It contains an ample amount of pork, onion, cabbage, potato, and beans and is praised by consumers for keeping close to the rich taste of traditional jjajang-myeon.

*Inquiries: Ottogi
Tel: +82-2-2010-0114 (Overseas sales department +82-2-2010-0778)

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